Mazes, puzzles and connect the dots!

Mazes and puzzles are fun and can be challenging. I usually include a maze or puzzle as part of a lesson because its a good way to take a break between topics or subjects. Also, puzzle activities work as a reward for a job well done.

There are many printable mazes and puzzles available online, but here are some free printable versions I find useful:

Connect the dots

There are several here


Discovery’s Puzzle Maker Mazes

Word Searches

Discovery’s Word Searches

Advanced Word Searches


Discovery’s Logic Puzzles

Puzzlr – Word Puzzles

The Box Game

Magic Tree House

One Comment

on “Mazes, puzzles and connect the dots!
One Comment on “Mazes, puzzles and connect the dots!
  1. My mom was big on puzzles with me when I was growing up- it definitely helps I think- it’s fun and keeps your mind active. It’s better than watching TV, thats for sure!

    While probably not practical for homeschool use, my favorite mazes are ones my friend makes. He posts them on his blog site, I think they’re just about impossible, but at least they look neat!

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