Outer Space Coloring and Activity Books

Educational coloring and activity books are great! We sometimes use them as rewards because they are so much fun. Lately, we have been using outer space coloring and activity books as part of our space studies.

I found three very good books that are fun and surprisingly educational.

Outer Space Coloring & Activity Book Amazon

In addition to coloring pages, this coloring & activity book has a good variety of activities, including color by number, connect the dots, and mazes. As an added bonus, the back cover has a Mars craft that you can cut out and fold into a free-standing 3D object.

History of Space Exploration Coloring Book by Bruce LaFontaine Amazon

Outer Space Coloring & Activity Book This is a fantastic coloring book. In fact, it is packed with so much educational information, it is as valuable as an information source as it is a coloring book. We use this book by reading the material, discussing why it was important, then coloring the picture. When we finish, we write a few sentences summarizing what was learned.

SPACE Amazing Facts Activity Fun Book Amazon

Space Amazing Facts Activity Fun Book This book is a bit more advanced than the other two activity books we use, but is a delightful information source. It is packed with information on the planets and constellations with plenty of cross word puzzles, code cracking and word searches. This book is a great value because it is so inexpensive!

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