The Coolest Cross-Sections Ever!

We are currently reading ‘The Coolest Cross-Sections Ever!’ book by Stephen Biesty and it is

a very cool book. This book covers all kinds of cross-sections, but our favorite cross-sections are the Saturn V rocket and the digestive system. This book is packed with detailed information and beautifully illustrated. There are entire chapters devoted to Man-Of-War ships and a medieval castle. Younger kids will enjoy the little ‘workers’ intricately drawn and sometimes comical. This is a really good book for discovering how things work or how things are made.

If your child enjoys this book, I can recommend an educational board game that fits nicely with this book called ‘The Way Things Work’. This game is recommended for kids 10+, but younger kids can easily enjoy level 1 and possibly levels 2 and 3 with assistance.

How Things Work board game

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