Kids Learning Blender: Super3Boy's Online Tutorials

We love to watch the Pixar movie shorts that usually precede a Pixar movie.  Well, with Blender, a free, open source 3D animation tool, kids can learn to create their own 3D animated short films.  Although Blender definitely isn’t kiddie software, Super3boy’s online tutorials really help.  Our young homeschooler isn’t the least bit intimidated by the software, and I suspect that having a peer guide (Super3boy) makes it less overwhelming.

Super3boy is an amazingly talented young man (who is actually in college now) who started learning Blender when he was 12.  As a young teenager, he created an entire YouTube video tutorial series on learning Blender.   Super3boy also posted his tutorials on his website,  On, viewers can watch the online tutorials, download the Blender file, and even download the video tutorial.

The interesting thing about how I learned about Super3boy is that I asked my young homeschooler to find some good Blender tutorials on YouTube.  Of all the Blender tutorials on YouTube, he liked Super3boy’s videos best. Hmmm. Kids helping other kids learn complex concepts. I think we’ve found a powerful new learning resource!

Blender Resources

Download Blender

Super3boy’s YouTube Blender Tutorial Series

Download Super3boy’s Blender tutorials

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on “Kids Learning Blender: Super3Boy's Online Tutorials
One Comment on “Kids Learning Blender: Super3Boy's Online Tutorials

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