Adventure Books for Summer Reading


Don’t forget to let your young readers have a say in selecting their books.  A bit of autonomy goes a long way toward enjoying the learning experience.  Younger readers may enjoy reading their books aloud to the family in the evenings and is a fun alternative to watching TV.

Reading well-written books can build vocabulary, geography, historic, science knowledge and more.  Here are a few lists to get you started.  If you have a great list of your own, please share it in a comments post.

FlashLight Worthy reading lists

Historical fiction for girls who love adventure

The best fantasy books for teens chosen by a teen

Literary giants who wrote a book or two for children

From TripBase Blog

Eight superb children’s books about travel

Wheaton Public Library

Adventure fiction for young adults

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on “Adventure Books for Summer Reading
One Comment on “Adventure Books for Summer Reading
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