Google Art Project: A Museum of Museums

For anyone familiar with Google Maps street view, the Google Art Project takes the same navigational approach to select art museums.  Yes, you can cruise  through the Museum of Modern Art just as you can cruise a street in Google Maps using just your web browser.  Even better, you can zoom in on art works, too.  In some cases, you can zoom in so far that you’ll see cracks, brush strokes, and places where the canvas is showing through from damage.

The Google Art Project is completely online, completely free, and extremely simple to navigate.  Viewers can enjoy over 1,000 art works from over a dozen art galleries from around the world.  Viewers can even create their own collection of favorite works to share with others.  Google has included an informational panel for each work of art, making the virtual museum tour great for students.

The Google Art Project creator, Amit Sood, recently spoke about his project at TED. Watch the video to learn a bit about this cool project.
[ted id=1144]


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5 Comments on “Google Art Project: A Museum of Museums
  1. Oh wow! This is so cool! I had not heard of this before…

    My boys, ages 11 and 6, just went through the Van Gogh Museum. They enjoyed it…mostly because just saying the name Van Gogh makes them start spouting off about the Van Gogh episode of Doctor Who they liked, lol…

    Thanks so much for sharing such a wonderful resource! :)

    Trying to make it through homeschooling a sixth grader without losing what’s left of my mind!

    • bailbrae,

      Glad you and your boys enjoyed the post on the Google Art Project. Hey, if it takes Dr. Who to make Van Gogh cool, I say go with it! Good luck on your homeschool adventure.

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