Inheritance Series Book 4 Release Date Announced – We’re Celebrating with Free Stuff!

Our Giveaway has now ended. Thanks to everyone who participated. Congratulations to Melissa Taylor for winning the Inheritance Book!

Enjoy the free Inheritance Series resources we’ve created and curated just for Inheritance Series fans.

Get the Inheritance Vocabulary List

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Check out a previous post on the Inheritance series resources, including pronunciation guide, discussion guide, and activities for the first three books in the series (Eragon, Eldest, and Brinsingr).


on “Inheritance Series Book 4 Release Date Announced – We’re Celebrating with Free Stuff!
14 Comments on “Inheritance Series Book 4 Release Date Announced – We’re Celebrating with Free Stuff!
  1. I have been a fan since i read the first book in when I was in the fifth grade, (i am now 18 and graduated)Eragon was by far my favourite part of the inheritance cycle mainly because most events that take place throughout the tale have relavence throughout the rest of the books, (i.e. the twins reaction to searching Eragons’ mind in the opening caves of farthen dur,or Saphira’s secrecy in what Brom actually tell her after Eragon breaks his wrist between Daret and Tierm)once i had finished Eragon i had devoted most of my life to re-reading and waiting for what happens next,i have spent 90% of the last eight years waiting to find out how everything ends,i couldn’t imagine anyone more enthralled to discover the ending then myself.the inheritance cycle has consumed a large portion on my life and i was devastated when Christopher broke his trend and did not release inheritance (the fourth book) on august 23rd, as he had released every other installment exactly two years apart from the last.

  2. My son, who turns 12 next week, is SO excited about this release. He has really enjoyed reading this series. And I think he told me that the author was homeschooled, which is a confidence booster for my son who has writing aspirations of his own. The vocabulary list is awesome!!! Thanks for putting that together. We use the website Spelling City for our vocabulary and spelling and I can take that list and make word lists on the site that the boys can use for spelling tests, games, flash cards, etc. They aren’t going to fight me with these words…hopefully. :) Again, great list and thanks for sharing!!


    • Katie,
      I’m really glad you are finding the vocabulary words useful. The Inheritance series books are filled with great words! Our son enjoyed learning the series’ words and definitions, especially when we included an image or photo that depicted the word. We used Google images to find great examples for almost all words.

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    • Thanks for your comment, Melissa. We, too, enjoyed the first book the most. However, the third one really left us hungry for closure, which we are happy to finally report, is actually coming soon. Yay!

  4. I liked Brisingr from the Inheritance Cycle more than Eragon or Eldest, since I got to know more about Nasuada and the amount of affection she has for the Varden. Moreover, the mental link that Eragon and Saphira share becomes more clearer and they are now together as team. I also thought the blazing sword is an interesting idea for Eragon’s sword since it would be apt that he wield it to end Galbatorix’s rein! The final chapter of the book still tears me up and I cannot wait to see how Eragon and Saphira face Galbatorix as the “last free dragon and rider!”

  5. In all honesty, I like the third book in the Inheritance Cycle the best. I absolutely love complex plots, and the Inheritance Cycle is full of that!!! Brisingr does a great job of explaining the mystery of the story. It never ceases to amaze me about some of the intricacies of the plot. It brings a new light to the brutal, savage peoples like the urgals. It is in this book that you see Eragon truly become a man! It is amazing to watch his character grow with each new challenge fate throws at him. :)

  6. I loved all of the books, because of the compelling twists and interesting plots, but Eldest was not as interesting as Eragon and i think Brisinger exeeded all of our expectations.It makes me sad that Inheritance is the end of the series :(

  7. I liked the Brisingr. It was great some great battles

    sequences. It also a great commentary on how Eragon starts to take responsibility for his actions and lives that he affected.

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  9. Each book stands on its own merits however if I have to pick one it would be Brisingr, only downside is the need to wait for the conclusion for so long a time after finishing each book

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