Turn Your Child’s Art into a Stuffed Toy


Child's Own

Child’s Own Studio hand crafts stuffed toys based on your child’s drawings. The examples on the Child’s Own Studio website show that no matter how crazy-looking the drawing seems, a cute, creative, and beautiful toy emerges.  This is such a great idea that I wonder how Child’s Own Studio will keep up with demand as the word gets out on this unique toy.

Prices range between 60 and 130 Canadian Dollars, but you can email Child’s Own Studio for a quote based on your picture. Unfortunately, it is too late to order one for the holiday season as Child’s Own Studio isn’t taking any more orders until January 2012.  I can imagine all sorts of reasons to have a child’s drawing made into a cuddly stuffed toy.  Here are a few I like

1. Create a nightmare-deflecting character. The stuffed toy made from a protective creature drawing might just help keep the nightmares at bay.

2. Have one of these made for a child who is ill or  hospitalized.

3. Have siblings create drawings for each other.

4. Have your child create a drawing from a memorable vacation or trip and create a stuffed toy as a “souvenir”.

5. Create math, science, history, or literature based characters for a fun way to extend enthusiasm for a child’s favorite learning topic.

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