Guest Post: Supplementing Education With Wikiversity

Many students challenge themselves to make their educational goals align with or exceed state objectives for public and private school students, ensuring that they understand concepts and develop skills at levels that make them competitive with their peers. However, finding the right course of study and supplemental materials isn’t always easy for students, especially when they set off to find them on their own.

There are dozens upon dozens of sites offering education supplements online, and wading through them all can be overwhelming.  However, there is one site in particular that offers great lessons, and interaction with other learners which can be great for learning, and that site is Wikiveristy.

Wikipedia is an online resource in which information is provided and developed by its users. Links to primary or secondary sources allow readers to verify information and discover more details. Wikiversity is based on that concept — learners can visit to gain information and participate to share information. By participating in this learning community, students can gain a variety of perspectives from all across the U.S. and learn through their use of this online environment.

Curriculum, Supplemental Study Materials and Flexibility

Wikiversity gives students of all ages access to a wide variety of materials, exposing them to information and techniques that can better prepare them for employment or for attending college at South University campuses in Novi, MI and at other institutions. It also gives students exposure to academic materials that others are putting to use, enabling them to keep their own studies from becoming too limited or over-personalized.

Standard curricula or education from few providers may leave academic gaps. Supplementing study with materials based on individual student needs has traditionally been the job of educators. However, students can learn by forming their own research questions and discovering answers through trusted resources. Wikiversity provides the information students need to resolve their questions and to evaluate the answers they find through source material.

The collection of educational materials at Wikiversity and the interactive nature of the site offer the variety and flexibility that homeschool students are perfectly positioned to benefit from. Through this online learning community, they gain exposure to challenging academic materials that others have developed and contributed or discover links to materials others have found useful.

With Wikiversity, students can also edit materials and upload or link to materials. This provide students with a unique opportunity to participate in an academic community with a wide age range of people. Regardless of a student’s abilities or class level, their self-guided exploration of this collection of resources and participation in its development can be particularly rewarding for both themselves and other users.

By Samantha Peters

Samantha Peters is an avid blogger and manager of, where she passionately writes her love for education and tech innovation news in the world of education.

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