Summer Fun: Easy Origami Projects

Regardless of your plans this summer, its always fun to make stuff. We’ve found several really easy Origami projects that even younger children will enjoy. Best of all, the resulting art is functional and beautiful.

Our favorite project is the box with lid.  Not only are these little boxes attractive, they are great for gift-giving, storing small trinkets like coins, shells, earrings, or any other small treasures.

We used Origami paper, available in arts and crafts stores, to make most of our Origami projects. However, these easy projects work well using wrapping paper, magazine pages, or even news print. The only extra step is to cut your paper into squares of the desired size.

Crafty Journal’s Origami Box How-to

Another really easy and attractive Origami project is the Origami butterfly. With just ten steps, eager hands can make a whole bunch of these in a short period. Why not design a mobile to display these beauties?

Go Origami Butterflies How-to

Origami butterflies

Origami Cranes/mobiles are possibly the most recognizable Origami crafts. Although a bit more challenging to fold than boxes or butterflies, these classic Origami figures make great mobiles, gifts, and decorations for a child’s bedroom or even an office.

Origami Crane Mobile

Check out our Pinterest Make Things Pinboard for even more Origami projects

By Gina Clifford

Gina Clifford is the founder and publisher for SpottyBanana. She is a child-led, project-based learning advocate, an online communications manager for a Fortune 500 company, and a TEDx Organizer. Gina enjoys sharing resources, ideas, news, and voices that prompt readers to ‘think differently’ about education and learning.

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