DIY-New Maker Site for Kids

Makerspaces have finally hit the mainstream. Even churches, schools, and libraries are incorporating makerspaces into their facilities so that community members; especially kids, can tinker, build, and hack toys, devices, and more to make something new. A Google search confirms the craze– the term makerspace returns 44,800 results. Beyond makerspaces, though, is the idea of making stuff in your own home. That’s where the new website shines. It is a web space designed specifically for kids to showcase their hand-made (DIY) projects, ranging from origami to cardboard models and everything in between.

The site, an online community for kids, is a simple-to-use platform where kids can upload photos of their own projects, creating a nice online portfolio. We like the explore feature for learning about projects other kids have shared. There’s even a DIY iPhone app.

So, whether you’re ¬†unschoolers, homeschoolers, tinkerers or casual makers,, the new maker site for kids, is a terrific place to showcase hand-made projects. To learn more about the DIY folks and their projects, follow the DIY blog and follow @DIY on Twitter.


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