Top 5 Field Trips for Teens

Deciding where to take a 5-year-old on a field trip is easy. Places like children’s museums and zoos are practically made for young kids’ field trips. Unfortunately, deciding where to take your teen on a field trip can be a little more difficult. Teens are a lot harder to please than young kids, and there are fewer field trip locations that are appropriate for teens. Still, it’s important to expose your adolescent child to the great, big world out there. You can only teach your son or daughter so much in your own home. If you’re trying to decide where to take your teen on a field trip, here are five options you should consider:

1. A local college

You can call up the admissions department at a college near you and ask if they’ll give you and your teenager a tour of the school. This will give your teen a chance to see what college is like, and it will likely get him or her thinking about and discussing future college plans.

2. An art museum

Your teen may be beginning to think about the world in a more complex and sensitive way. Because of this, he or she is likely to have a greater appreciation of art than a younger child would. If you know your child is interested in art, take him or her to an art museum and spend the day discussing techniques different artists use and how certain works of art make you feel.

3. A play or musical

Going to a play or musical will likely be exciting and edifying for your teen. It will also be a chance for him or her to unwind and just enjoy the sights, sounds, and ideas. In a world where we’re inundated with information and entertainment, escaping to a play or musical can be just what the doctor ordered.

4. A courthouse

Our legal system is convoluted, which can make teaching your child about it difficult. Taking your son or daughter to the courthouse will expose him or her to how the law works firsthand. The courthouse can also definitely be an exciting place to visit, especially if any interesting trials are in progress.

5. The great outdoors

There are practically a million places you can take your teen that will expose him or her to nature. You can consider walking trails, nature preserves, farms, and urban gardens, for instance. As Einstein said, “Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.” When you let your teen revel in the beauty and magic of nature, you give him or her a chance to better understand just about everything.

So, next time your teen is itching to take a break, consider taking him or her on a field trip to one of the locations above, and enjoy everything thing the world has to offer together!

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