Easy Optical Art Project for Kids

Using just drawing paper, a black sharpie marker, colored pencils and markers, these easy optical art projects are great for kids of all ages.  What looks like advanced drawing techniques turn out to be quite simple. In fact, none of these projects require a steady hand or straight lines.

Optical Wave Designs

Optical Wave Design

Julianna Kunstler’s step by step instructions make this activity super easy. Draw 9 vertical wavy lines on a page and one horizontal wavy line across the center. Then add some simple upward and downward curves to finish the drawing. Color each tube using colored pencils, using dark colors near the edges and light colors in the center to give a 3D optical effect.

View the step-by-step instructions

3D Hand

Wavy hand art

The 3D hand is fun and easy. With a black sharpie marker, simply trace your hand and then follow the simple instructions for drawing horizontal lines across the hand, curving slightly when the line crosses the hand outline. Use colored markers to fill in between the lines for an amazingly 3D effect. Fun!

View the step-by-step instructions


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