Girls That Play With Lasers . . . Sparkle

Girls LasersAccording to Oracle ThinkQuest Education Foundation, women do 66 percent of the world’s work but  receive only 11 percent of the world’s income. The number of women in leadership roles is slowly increasing, but it is not even close to 50 percent. Meanwhile, there are 6 million more women than men in the world. And what’s really interesting is that, according to CNNMoney,  the highest paying jobs in 2012 require science, technology, engineering, and math skill. Neurosurgeon, Petroleum Engineer, Petroleum Geologist and Software Architect all require science or technology degrees. Yet, according to FastCompany, 40 percent of men with STEM college degrees work in STEM jobs while  only 26 percent of women with STEM degrees do. Women are leaving or not even taking STEM jobs at much higher rates than men. And because women make up a little over 50% of the world’s population, that’s a lot of people under used in the world’s economy.

What if women in STEM fields reached beyond the statistics and did something to really inspire girls to enjoy and excel in STEM learning–the kind of love of learning that leads to a STEM career. That’s just what Sarah Boisvert did. She’s a Laser Photonics expert and one of the few female Laser Institute of America Fellows.  Sarah has an idea for a video game that teaches laser physics while encouraging group collaboration among girls. In other words, she’s making it cool to enjoy having girl characters as heroes in the game. Right now she’s got an Indigogo campaign called Girls That Play With Lasers Sparkle to raise funds to build the game. Lasers are really important to our economy. Did you know that lasers make supermarket bar code scanners work and that a laser is at the heart of 3D printing, a growing manufacturing area now?

But Girls That Play With Lasers Sparkle cannot succeed without help. Sarah’s Indigogo campaign is going on now to raise $10,000 to build the game. With even a small donation of $7, donors can help bring this powerful learning tool to the world’s girls. With half of the world’s population underemployed and underrepresented in the global economy, this is a great opportunity to turn the tide for women. Imagine how life will improve for women and their families as they move the needle in science and technology. I can’t wait to see what they create and invent!

Girls That Play With Lasers Sparkle



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