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SEO Journalism

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SEO or search engine optimization is no longer enough to build a viable online business. It seems, once a professional SEO company figures out some type of linking strategy to gain high visibility with Google, they change the game. Google has evolved and so must all those online trying to use Google for traffic and profit.

As Google continues to change the rules, destroy businesses depending only on SEO for traffic and evolve into a more user-friendly search engine, online businesses must use the right methods to create traffic from both search engines and other sources. An SEO journalist is the best way to go because your business can continue to gain traffic from top search engines, while building a community of followers, fans and subscribers.

How to Become an SEO Journalist

Journalism is no longer just writing for a newspaper or magazine. It has evolved into a beast of an industry including both offline and online publications. Content is the king of the internet and the majority of searchers use the internet to find information. As a business, you can hire a journalist to help keep your site relevant and at the top of the search results, which is the goal of any major SEO campaign. As a young career-seeking individual, you can use your skills to become an SEO journalist.

Along with Google and the internet, the writing industry has change significantly over the past decade. Companies used to spend a penny a word or less to get poorly written content formed around a specific keyword phrase. This worked for a while and it was a very cheap way to build a website or blog Google loved. However, this strategy and many others, no longer work.

A company aiming their sights at a top Google spot for specific keywords needs high quality content and they need a regular stream of this content. Blogging has exploded and this is where you, as an SEO journalist, come in.

If you’ve been through the rigors of a college degree (any level) and you enjoy writing, becoming a journalist for online companies is a smooth transition. A successful online writer only needs a few specific skills including the ability to research and the ability to follow instructions. Pair these two skills with the ability to write quality content and you can easily make a very good living as a freelance writer.

Every business, whether large or small, needs a website and moving forward, most of these companies will also need a blog. Business owners and managers don’t have time to write content for their blog and website. They need journalists to help with this part of the process and SEO journalists are now in high demand.

The opportunity is out there and if you’re a new college graduate or struggling to find a career you enjoy, it might be time to consider using your skills to provide high quality content for companies in need of good writers. If you speak English fluently, can write at an eighth grade level or higher, follow directions and research, you can step into this high demand career field.

By Samantha Peters

Samantha Peters is an avid blogger and manager of theeducationupdate.com, where she passionately writes her love for education and tech innovation news in the world of education.

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