What Most Schools Don’t Teach

kids iPad

Photo: Brad Flickinger

When you ask a child what she wants to be when she grows up, she’ll probably mention something she’s been exposed to, something that ignited her spirit, or something she’s seen on TV, in her family, or ¬†learned about in school. So, while kids want to grow up to be teachers, doctors, singers, and astronauts, they don’t often yearn to be computer programmers.

Why not? Perhaps because computer programming isn’t in their universe — not on TV, in school, or at home. The problem is that there’s a looming shortage of almost 1 million workers to fill future computer programming jobs, jobs that build the future,whether it be through code that controls a Mars mission or code that controls cells inside our bodies.

In an age of intense technological change, smart phones and future internet-connected devices move humanity forward (think Twitter and the Arab Spring or using your iPhone as a blood sugar monitor). Why do most schools still ban these devices in school? An an even better question, why are most U.S. schools still not teaching computer programming?¬†With our U.S. education system firmly entrenched in the 19th century, it is up to parents to guide their children’s learning.

Through code.org, some pretty famous computer programmers speak out about the power of computer programming through this engaging video. Everyone should learn to code. Encouage schools to teach 21st century skills. Our future depends on it.

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