Youngzine: A Global Website Worth Supporting



At a time when many school children struggle to learn from uninspiring, watered-down, check-the-box, fill in the blank, and memorization exercises, there’s a world of rich and meaningful learning opportunities available for free online. One of those websites is Youngzine.

If you haven’t learned about Youngzine yet, do it now. Aimed at global youth, Youngzine’s excellent articles on world current events, science, technology and more provide up-to-date, thought-provoking articles that really bring learning to life. Children engage with the articles through comments or even authoring articles themselves in the U Write section. But even better than engagement, Youngzine’s mission is to promote global awareness, inspire young minds, and build a tolerant and empathetic society. I can’t think of a better alternative to rampant bullying and intolerance or a better cause to support.

Youngzine is a 501(c)(3) non-profit and the leaders take no salary from the publication. Yet, the organization continues to produce excellent, thought-provoking, family-friendly news at the highest level. It really is rare to find such great content that contains no advertisements and is also completely free. It’s great content hasn’t gone unrecognized by authoritative learning organizations, either. The American Library Association named Youngzine among its Best Web Sites in Curriculum Collaboration and named it among the top 100 sites for homeschoolers. It is a Safe Surf and Family Friendly rated website, so you can be sure all content is appropriate for young people.

If you value high quality, engaging learning opportunities for young people, take a few minutes and support this incredible resource. With enough reader support, Youngzine can scale our dollars by receiving grants–ultimately bringing even more features to Youngzine and more engagement opportunities for your children. Let’s help grow Youngzine.

Here’s how you can help:

Youngzine donate button

And after you’ve donated, consider sharing the donate link on your social media channels. Write blog posts telling the world why your children value Youngzine. Or make a viral video  . . . or an Infographic  . . . or offer to help Youngzine with in-kind marketing or grant writing. Let’s help grow this incredible online resource so our children can travel the world each week without leaving their chairs!

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