Call for Contributors

Spottybanana is looking for a few good writers. Because we focus on child-led, project-based learning, we are seeking a few new voices that are similarly passionate about learning, especially non-traditional, informal, and eclectic learning methods. If you can say yes to at least three of the following, you should definitely apply:

1. Excellent writing – This is a must. An engaging and concise style is important.  You should have outstanding grammar and spelling skills, too.

2. You are a parent. Having children definitely provides excellent insight into how to help kids learn. And since that is what SpottyBanana is about, you’ll get extra points just for being a Mom or Dad.

3. You have something that sets you apart from your peers. Maybe you weld metal sculptures, eat insects, or speak multiple languages. Interesting hobbies are a plus!

4. You are passionate about learning (not the same as education). We’re seeking new voices with opinions that lie way outside brick-and-mortar schooling. If this is you, share examples.

5. You have  keen interest in global learning, social justice, empathy, or tolerance (share examples).

6. You can contribute at least one article per month.

7. You love technology, are a technologist or science geek, or have a college degree in a science discipline.

This is not a paid opportunity. However, it is a great way to get increased exposure for your writing. Each of your posts will contain your bio., a photo of yourself (optional), and a link to your blog or website. SpottyBanana will share articles on our social media channels and through email news updates.

How to Apply:

Send us an e-mail telling us why you’re a great addition to SpottyBanana. Include samples of your work and address at least three of the listed requirements above. We can’t wait to hear from you!


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